12/2/14 Ronnie Rivera Unknown/suspicious circumstances Found near last year's Art Basel joke
12/2/14 Christina Felisgrau Death by missing out Looking for parking
12/3/14 Monica Uszerowicz Requested a ritualistic sacrifice Convention center
12/3/14 Kevin Arrow Blood Poisoning due to cut finger on counterfeit VIP pass Unknown
12/3/14 Barron Sherer Stopped in for the toilet/tried to be a hero during a stickup at Subway Midtown
12/3/14 P. Scott Cunningham Mistaken for an Über driver 2012 Ford Focus
12/3/14 Abel Folgar Suicide by cop Party City
12/3/14 Gendry Sherer Luggage wrapper mishap Miami international Airport
12/3/14 Ashley Pearson head injury caused by Miley Cyrus' 'twerking.' Miami Beach
12/3/14 Edwin Beauchamp Choked on a olive and died in the middle of a gallery. No one bothered to help. They thought it was performance art. A gallery
12/3/14 Jacqueline Falcone midol overdose(vry sad)
12/2/14 SOMEJERK Choking on free taco Wood Tavern
12/3/14 Margaret O'Brien Ironic Aneurysm Ross Dress For Less
12/3/14 Ricky Mors' iphone too many weirdly appropriate emojis at an art cake event when you can look but not touch
12/3/14 Dan Brat fender bender dark green mazda miata
12/3/14 Jonathan Peltz died during a Pizza Misunderstanding Harry's
12/3/14 Jackie Ransom accidentally shot herself in the face today, while pretending to be a bank robber.
12/3/14 Ashley DeGrandy Died happily The corner
12/3/14 Jane Hart Kissed to death
12/3/14 Beyssa Buil Sudden enlightenment after one -point meditation on archaic artwork spectrum fair
12/3/14 Melody Santiago Cummings Died from a really aggressive thumb injury. Liked too many Instagram photos. Stuck in traffic. (Corner of 36 & N. Miami ave)
12/3/14 Eduardo Guerra Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
12/3/14 Mark Springle food poisoning Kouzina Greek Bistro
12/3/14 Craig Plazure blunt force trauma after an errant spray paint can rolled off of a scissor lift onto his head Wynwood
12/3/14 URPDURP Explosive Diarrhea Panther Coffee (Wynwood)
12/4/14 Brook Dorsch run over by an Uber car fleeing the convention center Miami Beach Convention Center
12/4/14 Lee Molloy and Angie Hargot Double Suicide (OD'd on Conceptual Art) Stuck in Traffic in Wynwood
12/4/14 Jonathan David Kane Guilt-induced aneurysm after eating his first burger in 46 years. BurgerFi
12/4/14 Keisha Rae Witherspoon Murder-suicide at Design Miami after an art collector from New Hampshire asked if she could "touch her hair." Design Miami
12/4/14 The House of Gunt Attacked by a Flock of Versace Pumpkin Peacocks #notplanethollywood
12/4/14 Deon Rubi died reading this list Lil Haiti
12/5/14 Juan Camilo Diez died of thirst the corner of NW 2nd Ave and 24th street
12/5/14 Chris Funk dSoul sucked out of body after exchanging glances with Marina Abromovic. TGI Fridays in Kendall
12/5/14 Michael Balbone died of starvation while under basel servitude laboring as one of the local art serfs A large rental patio on Biscayne Bay
12/5/14 Donald Chauncey Done in by the sight of one too many mini-skirted devotees of plastic surgery
12/5/14 Justin Mangana Botched assassination attempt--mistaken for Cesar beneath a ton of shaved ice at Wood Tavern
12/4/14 Nicole Martinez Failure to capture the perfect moment on social media - self immolation "Basement" Miami
12/5/14 Jean Lebrun & Lawrence Eaddy Died while naked on stage (the prophecy will hold true) Basel Castle
12/5/14 Monica McGivern Suspicious circumstances Auto Body Exhibit
12/5/14 Mikey Ramirez Died from being asked for too many things. @ gramps
12/5/14 Krystal Moore and Lilli Trainer Died in line waiting for S&T after hours like idiots Eleven
12/5/14 Veronica Chao hit and run by a brown rav 4; tag# 345JWB on her way to FKA Twigs
12/5/14 Nicole Espaillat death by apathetic side eye
12/5/14 Pretty Girl the realization of being in an uber with a random German art collector at 4am somewhere in Miami beach
12/6/14 Nick County died of sadness induced regret after losing all his basel money at the Hialeah Race Track Hialeah Race Track
12/6/14 Sarah MK Moody Dead in Little Haiti while photographing Kriz Rara Band Little Haiti
12/6/14 pan pkc Caught a nasty op lackin in the field passion kids wall
12/6/14 Nunhex died after police raided the Stray Rats pop-up store show with Trash Talk
12/6/14 Becky J.K. PumpkinSpice Parished after she literally "couldn't even" Starbucks Line
12/6/14 Robbie Brantley heart attack during urban dance off with Juju Pie Gramps
12/6/14 Bayne Peterson too turnt up little Haiti
12/6/14 Danielle bender happiness from watching a Haitian vogue competition little Haiti
12/7/14 BOGDAN FOREVER fell down the stairs Art Basel Distraction Suite 206
12/7/14 Charles Caesar hassled to death by Drake fans outside the Dazed Magazine mansion on Star Island
12/7/14 Casey Zap murdered by Sarah and Tara for reasons only known to him Little Haiti Thrift and Gift Shop
12/7/14 Tara Long trampled by vogue dancers the green room at Cheetah’s Lounge / Little Haiti
12/7/14 Ricky Mor died from excessive bleeding after cutting his own feet off blocks away from his house
12/7/14 Emmett Moore tripped on his own furniture design miami
12/7/14 Bhakti Baxter while hallucinating on moonshine by the railroad tracks Little Haiti
12/7/14 Nikki Salcedo while dancing in the rain to Future Brown PAMM
12/7/14 Alex Rendon Trampled by the downswing of a wheel on hydraulics on a low profile Cadillac Crome while crossing North Miami Ave Wynwood
12/7/14 Marcos Santacruz died by holding his pee too long The Corner
12/7/14 James Echols collapsed trying to find where he parked his car if you know the location please tell us
12/8/14 Rat Bastard pushed out of the van by Snakehole I-95
12/8/14 BUFU RECORDS Spontaneous combustion, after he woke up on Monday Boston
12/8/14 Carmita Lasso pulled across the beach by the StrandBeast 21st on the beach
12/7/14 Ammy Juliet run over by a muscle car for the love of performance art Auto Body, Miami Beach
12/7/14 Bella Bedoya Finessing the plug Miami
12/8/14 Tara Penick Stubbed big toe turned into a fracture trying to step around all the blow ass bullshit, and then DIED the convention center
12/8/14 Teresa Estopian Fainted and died immediately upon seeing Twin Shadow in tights shorts Sohos Studios
12/8/14 Jenny Shaw Mudersui after realizing she walked right past Eric Wareheim like an idiot and did not even notice Zebrakatz
12/8/14 Joshua Kingston crushed by a Richard Bello sculpture while dismantling his art fair booth
12/8/14 Greg Alvarez Sodium hypochlorite poisoning
12/8/14 Roman E. Nygma Death by drone swarm Wood Tavern
12/8/14 Philippe Dill alcohol overdose sandbar

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